Tue September 12, 2017, by Secretary

August's Greenkeeping Report

Greens Report August 2017
Welcome to my August Greens Report.
I have had long and meaningful discussions with Gordon over the last week as regards his requirements for replacement machinery. I will try and summarize below in order that all committee members have time to digest and consider this information prior to August’s committee meeting, whether present or not.
Our Greens cutter, a Toro 3250 is now 16 years old, has 7,500, (far too many), hours service under its belt and cost £16,500 when purchased. Although rattling along it has only lasted this long due to time intensive, costly servicing by Gordon and the team.
Technology has rapidly moved on and the standard of cut that will be achieved by today’s modern, electric machines is massively improved. (Gordon is still hoping to borrow a demo electric cutter to illustrate this first hand in the near future).
Gordon wants to replace the Toro 3250 with a newer, (2012/13), Toro 3420 electric machine. Brand new this would cost in the region of £42,000 but he recently sourced a fully serviced, top spec, all the extras, guaranteed, second hand model for £8,995. That particular machine has recently been sold but we are now seeking approval for this approximate spend on a similar top spec’ model when one becomes available. The standard of cut on the greens is, after all, our lifeblood.
Our Tees, surrounds and fairways cutter, a Toro 2000, is 15 years old, has 4200 hours service and cost £12,000 when purchased. This is now a very slow machine and, when coupled with the arguments above, also needs replacing. (The 2000 recently required a hydraulic pump and rod, (for lowering the cutters), replacement. The quote for this vital service and repair was £870 but, yet again, Gordon was able to fabricate a suitable repair for £70). Again, a top spec second hand machine would be sourced at an approximate cost of £3,500 - £4,000 pounds.
This will give a total outlay of approximately £12 - £13,000 pounds. For this money we will ‘disaster proof’ our course, should either or both of the present machines suddenly give up the ghost, save on costly and time consuming repairs and, most importantly, greatly improve and ‘future proof’ the quality of our course across the board.
Other Items
All items approved for purchase at last month’s meeting, (ladder, sprinkler system aerial bracket and 20 tonnes hardcore), are now in hand. The hardcore will be laid in front of the top dressing bins later this month in order that future delivery lorries do not become ‘bogged down’.
Gordon is meeting with the National Trust this month to progress plans for dredging between the bridges and creating wild flower areas around the course.
Present Works
Cutting, more cutting and cutting again………….
Gordon will present me with a ‘Winter Programme’ for the course which I shall publish for the benefit of the committee and members once finalized.
Best regards,
Mike Pamphilon