Tue September 12, 2017, by Secretary

July's Greenkeeping Report

Hi everybody, and welcome to my July Greens report.

1. Previous items:

a). The new, larger volume, water pump has now been fitted. After an initial teething problem, identified by the company as an internal wiring and sensor snag, it is rectified, working extremely well and providing plenty of water up to the pond to cope with any required course irrigation.

b). Car park strimming and club house weeding, although obviously ongoing, has recently been completed with all areas greatly benefiting from the attention to detail provided by Gordon and his staff.

c). As I'm sure you all noticed, the course was presented in beautiful condition for Golf Week and all subsequent events, attracting unanimous, complimentary comments from visiting golfers near and far.

d). The last 'Divot Party' was very poorly attended with the 3 green staff outnumbering the 2 of us that attended! I appreciate that timings don't suit all of our members but could all sections please look out for the next announced date, (tbc), and encourage at least a handful of the members, seniors, ladies and juniors alike, to attend. With a decent turn out you would be amazed at just how much can and will be achieved in just an hour or two. Many thanks.

2. Ongoing works:

a). The recent spell of heavy rains restricted the amount of time the staff could spend cutting the fairways due to the damage this would cause versus any perceivable gain. With the return of Summer, Gordon and the team are are now catching up with any backlog and are presently back to regular Maxi-Brushing and cutting.

b). We are now beginning to experience some Rabbit damage on and around the 16th green. Gordon has identified the culprits and will shortly be giving the pesky wabbits a stern talking to - or something more terminal!!

c). Gordon will liaise with the National Trust over the provision of sacks of 'native' flower seeds under the 'Operation Pollinator' scheme. These will be distributed around suitable area of the course, creating areas of natural beauty whilst encouraging a proliferation of native insects, critters and bees. (This will be further enhanced, including the return of rare orchids and, hopefully, skylarks, by the thinning out of all areas of rough this Autumn as previously reported).

3. Future works:

a). The greens will next be cored, seeded and dressed after September's Pro Am. This will be the first of several such events over next winter made possible by the purchase of our own Dyna-Corer:

("A green keepers’ dream! Hollow coring and aerating, so quick and clean that the members will hardly notice it being done.The Dyna-Corer’s micro tines effectively remove thousands of tiny core plugs. An ideal thatch control or pre-seeding treatment").

This will result in the dead, organic material being slowly removed, replacing it with 90 percent sand and 10 percent loam plus biological and wetting agents. Whilst encouraging continued fescue growth this will also result in the greens, particularly the naturally wetter ones, attaining a higher, faster, firmer standard after each occurrence.

b). As previously reported, the 'Fairy Ring' on the 8th green is a fungal growth, probably present in the soil for decades, which will be cored out and 'repaired' as part of the above process this autumn.

c). Gordon has recently received National Trust and English Nature approval to clear out the stream, under and around the bridge adjacent to the 8th green. This work will commence in the Autumn and will hopefully alleviate some of the effects of the Winter rain on the 7th fairway and around the 8th tee.


Of interest, Gordon is borrowing a demo' electric motor, Green Cutter for use in preparation for the forthcoming 'Coast to Coast'. This should result in our greens being presented in the better than ever condition for this prestigious event.

Again, many thanks for taking the time to read this report.

Best regards

Mike Pamphilon