Tue September 12, 2017, by Secretary

June's Greenkeeping Report

Hi everybody and welcome to my June Greens Report.

I sat and chatted over a coffee in the clubhouse with Gordon last Wednesday and herein is a summary of the present situation with our course.

1. Previous items:

a). The temporary repair to the pond liner is holding well. Permanent solution, (a new liner), is still planned for early Autumn

b). The new, 660 gallons/hour pump, to bring water up from the marsh to the pond, will be fitted by the company this Wednesday, 14 June. (It has not been fitted earlier, as I may have mistakenly indicated, due to the company's preparations for, and involvement in, The Royal Cornwall Show). The smaller, temporary replacement pump has provided an adequate alternate solution over the past few wetter weeks.

c). The new shoe cleaning compressor is working well. Gordon replaced a jubilee clip last week to remedy a minor problem with one of the jets.

2. Ongoing works:

a). Gordon has tackled most of the weeds on the road side of the clubhouse, (taking his life into his own hands!!). He will continue this quest as required and is about to start trimming and strimming the car park area.

b). Main works at present involve preparing and presenting the course for Golf Week. All areas continue to be cut, with the holes most recently moved and cleaned last Tuesday.

c). The wetting agents applied to the greens are now, post the dry spell and Easterly winds, holding the correct amount of water down to 10 inches below the greens, (an improvement on the previous 4 inches), resulting in firmer, faster surfaces and better fescue growth.

d). Work on defining the rough is now able to continue apace due to better grass growth in recent days. All the rough was previously mown with the bespoke 'rough cutter'. This was, however, taking the top off the surface when set lower and travelling over bumps, thereby leaving bare patches alongside thick, lush areas in the surrounding hollows. Gordon is now using this on a 'normal'/acceptable setting further into the rough whilst carrying out a lower, well defined, semi rough cut adjacent to the fairways using the 'bank cutter' set at 2 inches. Albeit requiring a little extra work he is expecting the results to be well worth his team's efforts.

3. Future works:

a). The greens will next be cored, seeded and dressed after September's Pro Am. This will be the first of 3 or 4 such events over next winter. This will result in the dead, organic material being slowly removed, replacing it with 90 percent sand and 10 percent seed plus biological and wetting agents. Whilst encouraging continued fescue growth this will also result in the greens attaining a higher, faster, firmer standard after each occurrence.

b). The 'Fairy Ring' on the 8th green is a fungal growth, probably present in the soil for decades, which will be cored out and 'repaired' as part of the above process this autumn.

c). The next Divot Party will be this coming Wednesday, 14 June. Could all you guys encourage members of your 'sections' to attend and Ray, please, inform all members via email.


a). We have a great team working on a fabulous golf course - and it's only going to get better!!

Best regards and many thanks for taking the time to read this,

Mike Pamphilon