Mon October 21, 2019, by Secretary

October's Greens Report


1. Although the full winter programme will not be fully started until next month, some items have been completed, namely, shock-waving slits have been made on the areas that do not drain quite so easily.

2. Verti-draining will be taking place on the greens from the 4th November.

3. The grass is still growing well and the team are still cutting. You will have seen that there are areas where the grass is really quite long and this is part of the process to establish Fescu growth after the lasering process last winter. As well as the long rough to the left of the 15th we also have a long rough strip between the 3rd and14th.

4. To try to recover some of the areas around the 8th, there will be some roping-off to encourage growth before we move to the winter tees. Other areas will get the same treatment in due course.

5. Depending on the weather, we will be moving to the Winter tees around the end of November.

6. The issue of getting water to all the tees is acknowledged as a goal and it might be useful to remind ourselves where we stand. Tees that have water are: 1st,8th,13th,17th, and 18th. The 4th and 15th have plumbing in place. The 11th and 7th will be difficult although the 7th doesn’t seem to suffer too much, probably benefiting from the runoff from the field above it. All watering of the tees is a manual operation and not controlled by the system. With the bore hole water junction in place close to the 2nd tee it should be first in line for water.

7. The Head Greenkeeper is on holiday at present but the team are coping well.


Ian Stanley