Message from the Captain.                                              12th January 2016

Our Club has been part of the Community Amateur Sports Club scheme since December 2009.  This scheme enables local amateur sports clubs to register with HMRC and thereby benefit from a range of reliefs, provided they meet certain qualifying conditions.

In April 2015 a number of changes were made to the scheme, which must be in place by the 1st April 2016.  Our Club must be able to demonstrate that it is open to the whole community and to do so, must have a subscription rate which does not represent "a significant obstruction to membership".  The new regulations provide that unless our Club makes satisfactory provision for those who cannot afford to pay more than £520 per year, then this will amount to a significant obstruction to membership.

Your Committee, after a considerable amount of discussion and research, has decided that our Club should remain in the CASC scheme, and therefore a new CASC Subscription rate of £510 a year will be available for those on low or modest incomes.  Those who wish to take advantage of this CASC subscription rate must apply to the Secretary of the Club and demonstrate that the full cost of membership would not be affordable to them.

Please do not hesitate to discuss this in confidence with the Secretary.



“What an amazing day, everything was as near perfect as you could have wished for, weather reached Mediterranean temperatures, the course looked like an Open Championship venue and the views around the course were the most spectacular I’ve seen.”
“The cliff top setting is exhilarating, it is one of the most enjoyable and natural experiences in Britain.”
“It's hard to concentrate on the golf at Mullion because the views are so stellar.”