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Founded in 1895 Mullion Golf Club is understandably proud of its traditions. Nevertheless, traditions must evolve, and we want our members, visitors, and guests to feel comfortable, welcome, and confident that they will not feel or look out of place on their visit.

It is in all our interests to maintain reasonable standards of casual but smart dress in keeping with golfing traditions.

Appropriate behaviour

Such as playing to the rules and spirit of the game when on the course and being respectful and considerate towards others, whether on or off the course – is far more important than how individuals are dressed. What this means is we ask everyone to be smart, neat, and clean, both on and off the course. It is hoped that everyone will assist in maintaining the high standards of both dress and behaviour, expected both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

On the Course

Everyone should wear recognised golf clothing, including golf shoes, when playing or practicing: if it is on sale in the Pro shop (or another golf shop), it is fit to wear on the course.

In The Clubhouse

Smart casual clothes are the order of the day in the Clubhouse. Golf clothes can be worn in the Clubhouse after playing, providing they are clean; the Clubhouse has good changing facilities that can be used as required. Spike-less shoes worn on the course can be worn inside provided they are clean.
Hats should not be worn inside.


Dress code for functions will be circulated prior to the event. You will understand that the club must reserve the right to ask anyone to change or cover any item of clothing deemed to be inappropriate or potentially offensive. If in any doubt please feel free to consult any club official, in particular the Pro-Shop or Bar Staff.

Thank you.